Add massive value to your business, outsource your facility services to SECO!

Let us show you how outsourcing all your facility, maintenance and energy services creates massive bottom line value as well as, protects your employees and maintains your company image.


Whatever your facility needs, we provide the right dedicated people, the right service expertise and in-depth experience…backed by over 100 SECO facility services delivered daily to a wide variety of industries. In fact, we service over 10 million square feet every day!


Engineered SMART… delivers our customers a technology-enabled workforce giving you and our team up to the minute reporting and evaluation for our service delivery.


Cleaning it GREEN…helps the environment, helps your brand, and provides a sustainable future for all of us!



Over 100 Facility Services to meet the most demanding cleaning, maintenance, remediation, construction clean up, windows needs and more.

Turn-Key energy solutions that help you solve the challenges of conservation, compliance and the capital required to make it all work for you in the years to come.

Financial Services to help you manage the financial demands and to take advantage of the many incentive programs associated with becoming energy efficient, energy compliant and significantly reduce your overall costs.    

SECO provides facility, maintenance, energy and financial services as integrated or unbundled to fit your every need.

When you make SECO your facility services partner you can rest assured you’re starting  SMART and cleaning GREEN.

It's amazing!!! Save 80% replacement costs for your acoustic ceiling tiles. Cleans the toughest grime, grease, smoke...it's like magic! It also cleans more than ceilings (see the list below). You'll truly be amazed!

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